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There are tons of Zip line games offering a variety of entertaining yet educational experiences related to Zip line. Players can learn about the Zip line in an interactive way, as the games are designed to be fun and engaging. The games range from simple arcade-style challenges to more complex strategic puzzles. All these Zip line games feature vibrant, colorful graphics and simple, easy-to-understand instructions, so even the youngest players can join in on the fun.

God of War II

God of War II (2007)

God of War II is the 2007 PlayStation 2 Game of the Year. In this action-adventure game, players take on the role of Kratos, a mortal warrior who has risen to become the God of War. He seeks to end his torment by journeying through dangerous environments and facing untold horrors in order to change his fate - something no mortal or god has ever done before. Players are armed with deadly blades and have access to new magical powers and brutal combat moves as they battle mythical characters, solve puzzles, and compete in epic boss battles. The violent world of Greek mythology is brought vividly alive as Kratos embarks on an unforgettable quest for redemption.
Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Battlefield 2: Special Forces (2005)

Battlefield 2: Special Forces is a video game by Electronic Arts in which players take on the role of one of 6 different special forces soldiers - Navy SEALs, British SAS, Russian Spetznas, MEC Special Forces, Rebel groups and insurgents. Armed with the latest weapons and vehicles available to these elite military units, up to 64 players can engage in major conflicts. The game also features persistent character growth that allows players to rise through the ranks as they progress through campaigns. Battlefield 2 Special Forces focuses on real-world locations and events from behind the scenes of news headlines, providing an authentic experience for fans of modern warfare games.
Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins (2011)

Rayman Origins is a two-dimensional cooperative platformer that takes players on an adventure with Rayman and his friends. The game features a vibrant, whimsical art style that brings the characters to life in vivid detail. Players can team up together or go solo as they explore levels full of puzzles, enemies, and power-ups. With multiple difficulty settings available and plenty of content to keep you occupied, Rayman Origins will provide hours of fun for gamers of all ages.
Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line (2012)

Spec Ops: The Line is a provocative third-person modern military shooter that explores the morality of war and puts players in unspeakable situations where life or death decisions must be made. It takes place in Dubai, which has been destroyed by sandstorms and now lies half-buried beneath millions of tons of sand. Players take on the role of U.S. Army Captain Martin Walker who leads an elite Delta Force team into the treacherous region to rescue Colonel John Konrad and his squad, who were left behind after most people had fled prior to the storms sweeping through. Throughout the game, players will encounter unpredictable sandstorms that can either help or hinder them in their mission as they cross "the line" between duty and death - when self and sanity are lost forever.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013)

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist is an action-adventure stealth video game in which the player takes control of Sam Fisher, leader of a newly formed 4th Echelon unit. The team must put a stop to the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero, as they hunt down terrorists from a syndicate of rogue nations who have initiated terror protocol designated as the Blacklist. This involves foiling their escalating terrorist attacks on American interests across two thirds of countries around the world.
Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider (1996)

In the video game Tomb Raider, you take on the role of Lara Croft and must traverse a maze of deathtraps in order to recover the fabled Scion. Along your journey, you may come across wild animals or mercenaries and have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal to defeat them. You will visit locations such as Incan ruins, Ancient Rome, Egyptian Pyramids, and even Atlantis in pursuit of this incredible treasure that is said to grant immense power.
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)

Call of Duty: Black Ops, developed by Treyarch, is the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. It is rumored to be a first-person shooter set during the Cold War period. The game will feature an extensive single player campaign and competitive multiplayer modes as part of its core gameplay experience. This will be the second time in the series that it has gone back to a period prior to World War II, with 2008's Call Of Duty: World At War being set during WW2. With Black Ops, players can expect new weapons and technology from this era along with classic elements from previous entries in the series such as zombies mode and online play for up to 16 people simultaneously.

XIII (2003)

In XIII, the player takes on the role of a mysterious figure who has been framed for the assassination of the President of the United States. With no memory and a bullet wound in their head, they must use all available resources to uncover a dark conspiracy behind this heinous act. Armed with silent crossbows, automatic weapons, and ashtrays, they must evade or use assailants eager to end their life as human shields while also competing against other players in multiplayer modes like Barfight or co-op mode Cover Me. Ultimately, it is up to them to expose both their own past and America's darkest secrets hidden within its corridors of power.
Binary Domain

Binary Domain (2012)

Binary Domain is a fast-paced video game set in 2080 Tokyo, where robots have invaded the city. Players take control of an international peace-keeping squad and must battle through the derelict lower levels of the city to restore order. As they progress through their mission, players begin to question their choices and wonder if robots are becoming more human or if humans are becoming more machine-like. With intense action and a thought-provoking story, Binary Domain provides an exciting experience for gamers looking for something new.
Apex Legends

Apex Legends (2019)

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale shooter where players team up in squads to battle for fame and fortune. Players can choose from an ever-growing roster of diverse characters, each with their own powerful abilities. Apex Legends introduces new tactical squad play as well as innovative features, creating a unique and intense Battle Royale experience set within a rugged world. Conquer with character in Apex Legends!
WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 (2013)

WWE 2K14 is 2K Sports' first entry into the iconic WWE videogame franchise. It promises to be the most exciting, realistic and comprehensive WWE video game experience yet. Players will have the chance to become immortal and make their mark on the world of professional wrestling by playing this highly anticipated game.
Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations (2011)

Sonic Generations is a video game that celebrates 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog history. It features both classic side-scrolling 2D environments from 1991 and modern 3D style levels, with each incarnation of Sonic having their own special move. An interactive menu system allows players to explore Sonic's universe with favorite characters and hidden treasures being revealed as they progress through the game.
Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008)

Tomb Raider: Underworld is an action-adventure video game that takes the player through a range of epic and unknown worlds. Players can explore ancient mysteries hidden within coastlines, jungles and frozen islands using Lara's upgraded inventory which includes an active sonar map, multi-purpose grapple and all-terrain hybrid motorbike. With a broad range of acrobatic abilities available to them, players must use objects in their environment to uncover new paths as they work their way through levels that are disguised as interactive environmental playgrounds. Combat options include the ability to pacify or kill enemies with the dual-target system and shoot with one hand while suspended with the other.

Unepic (2014)

Unepic is a combination of platforming and role playing games set in the medieval castle Harnakon. The game has an NES style look, yet also features modern updates to make it stand out as unique. It contains many humorous references during the adventure, making it enjoyable for all types of gamers. Players must explore the huge castle while collecting weapons and items to defeat enemies along their journey.
The Saboteur

The Saboteur (2009)

The Saboteur is an action-adventure video game set in 1940s Nazi-occupied France. Players take on the role of Sean Devlin, a street-tough Irish race car driver seeking revenge against those who have destroyed his life. With help from the French Resistance and British Intelligence, players use weapons, explosives, and vehicles to sabotage enemy operations throughout Paris in order to restore color back into its black and white world. As enemies are taken down, citizens become empowered to fight back against the oppressive Third Reich - this mechanic referred to as "Will to Fight" allows players not only through Paris but across various parts of France. Along with derailing trains and scaling famous landmarks, The Saboteur offers an intense story inspired by true events for gamers looking for an immersive experience filled with adventure and revenge.
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall (2013)

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a video game set thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, in a time of planetary colonization. The story focuses on the conflict between two rival colonist factions, the Vektans and Helghast, who have been separated by an enormous security wall for three decades. Players take control of Lucas Kellan, a member of the military intelligence unit dubbed Shadow Marshals tasked with protecting fragile peace between these two sides. During his missions he must be prepared to face all kinds of combat situations as any misstep could lead to mutual destruction.
Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge

Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge (2001)

In Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge, players take on the role of Aladdin as he embarks on his biggest adventure yet. He must make his way through Agrabah's marketplace, find his way out of the Palace dungeon, traverse an oasis, survive the Cave of Wonders and its treacherous traps, rescue Jasmine from the Pyramids' booby-traps, save the Sultan from Jafar’s evil grasp in Ancient City and finally battle Nasira in her secret lair. Along this journey players will also have to face off against Jafar who is always lurking nearby.
Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline (2015)

Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter video game which allows players to assume the role of either police officers or criminals. Players can choose to play in an episodic crime drama single player campaign, or as cops and criminals in rapid Battlefield multiplayer mode. Tactics involve gathering intelligence, obtaining warrants, and using non-lethal force to effectuate arrests. There are new maps and gadgets that alter the way you play, such as grappling hooks and zip lines to scale city buildings, exotic muscle cars for fast transportation across cities with 'cheddar', armored trucks that give your crew a lift - all while keeping teamwork key for winning turf wars.

Damnation (2009)

Damnation is a video game that challenges players with frenetic combat and daredevil acrobatics set in post-industrial landscapes inspired by iconic elements of American history. Players battle an unstoppable arms dealer to prevent world domination, choosing their own paths through levels lasting up to three hours each. Along the way, they must outsmart intelligent enemies while using vehicles such as motorbikes and armour-piercing marvels for more powerful attacks. The story follows hero character Rourke as part of an ensemble cast involved in intricate plotlines. Multiplayer options also exist, taking advantage of the expansive game environments.
Just Cause

Just Cause (2006)

In Just Cause, you take on the role of Rico Rodriguez, a CIA operative sent to the South American island of San Esperito. Your mission is to overthrow the corrupt government and negate any threat it presents to world peace. You have very few restrictions in how you choose to accomplish this: try playing off the island's factions against one another; incite rebellion among its people; or build alliances with rebel forces and drug cartels. With 1,225 square miles of varied terrain - mountains, jungles, beaches, cities and villages - at your disposal, there are numerous ways for you to explore by land, sea or air. And a wide selection of vehicles including planes and watercraft add even more possibilities for completing your task successfully.
Deadfall Adventures

Deadfall Adventures (2013)

Deadfall Adventures is an action-packed first person shooter video game set in the late 1930's. Players take on the role of a brave adventurer and explore exotic locations, such as ancient Mayan ruins, forbidden cities, frozen wastelands and lush tropical jungles. The game takes classic adventure elements and combines them with fast paced action to create an exciting experience for players to enjoy.

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