Breakout games

There are tons of Breakout games offering a variety of entertaining yet educational experiences related to Breakout. Players can learn about the Breakout in an interactive way, as the games are designed to be fun and engaging. The games range from simple arcade-style challenges to more complex strategic puzzles. All these Breakout games feature vibrant, colorful graphics and simple, easy-to-understand instructions, so even the youngest players can join in on the fun.

Breakout: Recharged

Breakout: Recharged (2022)

Breakout: Recharged is an updated take on the classic brick-breaking game, with 50 challenging levels and powerups that can transform your paddle. The refined control, modern visual flourishes, rail guns, explosive balls, missile launchers and more will keep you on the edge of your seat as you compete in arcade mode or individual challenge modes to reach the top of global leaderboards. Play local co-op for even more fun! Enjoy Megan McDuffee's original score while playing this revived classic game.