Pixel games

There are tons of Pixel games offering a variety of entertaining yet educational experiences related to Pixel. Players can learn about the Pixel in an interactive way, as the games are designed to be fun and engaging. The games range from simple arcade-style challenges to more complex strategic puzzles. All these Pixel games feature vibrant, colorful graphics and simple, easy-to-understand instructions, so even the youngest players can join in on the fun.


VVVVVV (2011)

In VVVVVV, players take control of Captain Viridian to help save an alternate dimension on the brink of destruction. Instead of jumping, they must invert their gravity and flip between floors and ceilings to progress through the game's unique scale. Players are tasked with finding five crew members and twenty hard-to-reach trinkets while battling enemies along the way. After saving the dimension, there is more gameplay available with all-new player levels created by other famous game developers; a challenge for even veteran gamers. The 8-bit style experience is heightened by 3D visuals that will bring back memories from days gone-by.

Owlboy (2018)

Owlboy is a vertical platform adventure video game set in the sky. The story takes place after a great calamity has spread apart many of the world's islands. Players take control of Otus, one of the last remaining owls and part of a race known for their great wonders. In order to save his people, Otus must embark on an epic quest that will test his courage and determination as he faces numerous enemies and obstacles along the way.
Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy (2016)

Pixel Piracy is an open world rogue-like simulation game presented by the creators of Terraria. In Pixel Piracy, you take on the role of a pirate captain and set sail on the seven seas in search of fame and fortune. You can recruit your own crew, customize your ship with weapons and upgrades, and use any combination of aggression, diversion or trade to become one of the most notorious pirates around. On your journey you can pillage villages, lie to get what you want or trade goods for money - whatever it takes to build up your reputation! Adventure awaits!
Kero Blaster

Kero Blaster (2014)

Kero Blaster is a classically-styled 2D side scrolling action game packed with adventure. Players take on the role of a bipedal frog, who works as a master of Custodial Sciences tasked with cleaning out teleporters infested by strange black creatures. The player must battle through hordes of monsters using an array of tools to survive and complete their mission.
Titan Souls

Titan Souls (2015)

Titan Souls is a video game set in a fantastical world where the spiritual source of living things, titans souls, have been scattered among the fallout and guarded by idle titans. The player plays as a singular hero who must use their solitary arrow to collect shards of the Titan Soul on their mission for truth and power. This quest will take them through treacherous landscapes filled with powerful enemies. Along the way they'll discover hidden secrets that can help them on their journey and ultimately uncovering greater truths about this mysterious world.
Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper (2022)

Dome Keeper is a roguelike survival miner game in which you must defend your dome from hostile attacks. Between each attack, you have the opportunity to dig beneath the surface and collect valuable resources that can be used to purchase powerful upgrades and help keep your dome safe. The game has been updated with beautiful pixel art, atmospheric music and sound, as well as more levels than ever before.

Bleed (2017)

In Bleed, players take on the role of Wryn, a girl with big dreams to become the ultimate videogame hero. Her mission is to take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time in seven levels packed with enemies, obstacles and bosses. The game focuses on fast-paced action and acrobatic dodging with challenging gameplay that requires skill and strategy. Players must use their reflexes and wits to make it through each level unscathed and prove themselves as true heroes!

ScourgeBringer (2020)

ScourgeBringer is an exciting and fast-paced roguelite platformer. Players take on the role of Kyhra, a brave warrior tasked with exploring unknown lands and fighting her way through ancient machines to uncover her past and potentially save humanity. With intense combat, challenging levels, and plenty of secrets to discover, ScourgeBringer provides players with an action-packed adventure they won't soon forget.

Korix (2017)

Korix is a video game set in deep space where the player's race has been destroyed and it is up to the player, as commander, to take revenge. The objective of the game is to build defensive structures, capture resources, and build an army so that they can fight back against their enemies. It requires strategy and tactical skills in order for the player to succeed and survive.

Crawl (2017)

Crawl is a competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler game featuring friends who control the monsters. The goal is to kill the hero and switch places, then it's your turn to crawl! You must gain experience and loot in order to take on the dungeon's boss, which is cooperatively controlled by other players. This fast-paced game requires strategy and teamwork for success!
Alone With You

Alone With You (2016)

Alone With You is a video game that puts players in the role of the last survivor of a doomed space colony, tasking them with repairing their ship and escaping before it implodes. As they search for clues and parts, players will spend their nights in the holo-sim chamber where they can experience meaningful relationships which shape the story.