Total War: Rome II (2013)


Total War: Rome II is a strategy game that puts players in the shoes of an ancient Roman leader. The goal is to become the world's first superpower by using military, economic, and political tactics. As you gain admiration from your followers, you may also attract jealousy from even your closest allies. Players must be prepared to face potential betrayal while striving for their vision of Rome. They can either fight to save the Republic or take control as Emperor. This game offers an immersive experience into Ancient Rome with its vast war machine and strategic gameplay.

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows),Mac

Release date: 2013-09-02

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Total War: Rome II, a critically acclaimed grand strategy war game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega, is set during one of the most iconic periods in world history. Spanning from 272 BC to 14 AD, players can choose from 10 playable factions to take control of a vast stretch of land throughout Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

The main draw for Total War: Rome II is its ability to combine detailed turn-based strategic campaigns with large scale cinematic real-time battles. On the strategic level, players must manage their faction's military forces and economy while navigating diplomatic relationships with other factions in order to expand their empire’s borders as much as possible. On the battlefields however, players will be able to command massive armies in epic clashes featuring thousands of individual units which they can use tactically in order to gain advantage over their enemies.

In addition to this core gameplay loop, Total War: Rome II also features an extensive character system that allows you recruit historical figures such as Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great into your faction’s ranks – giving them special bonuses that can help turn any battle around if used correctly. Furthermore it contains numerous systems related to research technologies and city construction which further allow you customize your playstyle according personal preferences; whether it be building strong defensive walls or investing heavily into technological advancement so you have access powerful siege engines on top of more traditional units like infantrymen or cavalry riders.

All these elements combined together make Total War: Rome II an incredibly immersive experience for anyone interested in ancient warfare or simply looking for a deep strategy game where every decision counts towards success on both short term skirmishes and long term wars of conquest - providing countless hours worth replayability value even after multiple playthroughs completed already!

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