Saints Row: The Third (2011)


Saints Row: The Third is an action-adventure video game set in the fictional city of Stilwater. After years of success and becoming a household brand name, the Third Street Saints gang has earned the attention of a criminal organization known as 'The Syndicate'. Refusing to pay tribute, the player takes on The Syndicate in their new city with gameplay scenarios that are more outlandish than ever before. Players must strap it on and fight for their survival against this powerful enemy.

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows),PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Nintendo Switch

Release date: 2011-11-14

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Saints Row: The Third is the third installment in the Saints Row series, and it’s a wild ride. Taking place in Steelport, players take on the role of a member of the street gang known as The Saints who are trying to take over the city by dealing with three rival gangs; Morningstar, Luchadores and Deckers.

However, this time around these gangs aren't unconnected entities; they are all part of an organized criminal organization called “The Syndicate” that forces players to contend with them simultaneously. This new addition to Saints Row brings several large-scale battles that can only be won through careful planning and strategy rather than simple brute force. Players must also utilize their resources wisely or risk being overwhelmed by enemy forces from one side while another group takes control of an area you were supposed to protect.

Players will find themselves immersing into a world filled with plenty of action-packed missions like bank heists, car chases and more! There's also plenty of opportunities for customization like customizing your character's appearance via clothing stores or even purchasing properties throughout Steelport so you can operate businesses which generate income that can help fund your operations against The Syndicate. In conclusion, if you're looking for an open world adventure full off intense action then look no further than Saints Row: The Third. With great visuals, thrilling gameplay mechanics and tons upon tons of content there's something here for everyone!

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