Piyotama (2007)


Piyotama is an exciting and addictive action-puzzle game for PS3. Players help Mother Piyo hatch all of her eggs before they overflow the nest, by lining up four or more of the same colored eggs. The game features infinite levels in full HD 1080p, colorful characters, carnival music and playful scenery. Players can use a SIXAXIS Wireless Controller to nudge side to side to fill gaps and shake up and down to force matched eggs to warm and hatch instantly. They can also test their skills in timed play or play timer-free, with a global online ranking system perching their hatching skills worldwide.

Platforms: PlayStation 3,PlayStation Portable

Release date: 2007-08-09

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Hidden in the depths of the Hotai forest lies a family of mysterious and colorful creatures known as Piyos. Every spring, their mother, Piyomama, gets too excited and lays an abundance of eggs! But this is where you come in – it’s up to you to help her hatch all the eggs before they overflow her nest.

If you are looking for a fun and addictive action-puzzle game that will keep your brain entertained for hours on end then look no further than Piyotama. Easy to learn but hard to quit, this game offers an entertaining challenge every time with its simple yet strategic gameplay mechanics. Players must line up three or more matching colored eggs at one time in order to chain them together and combo hatch them from the nest. The higher your score is at each level, the bigger reward you can expect when reaching the next stage!

Piyotama also includes several special features such as power-up items which can be used strategically during playtime or mini-games after completing certain levels to earn coins that can be exchanged for even more exciting rewards! With so many different options available there’s never a dull moment while playing this addicting puzzle game. So if you’re ready for some eggciting adventures deep within Hotai forest then grab your friends and join Mother Piyo on her mission today by downloading Piyotama - it's sure to become one of your favorite games ever!

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