Persona 5 Royal (2022)


Persona 5 Royal is an all-new RPG experience based in the award-winning universe of the Persona series. Players don the mask of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to break free from modern society's chains and stage grand heists to infiltrate corrupt minds and make them change their ways. This updated version comes with new characters, confidants, story depth, locations to explore, a grappling hook mechanic for stealth access, stronger abilities in the metaverse and daily life at Shujin Academy. It also features a unique visual style along with an all-new soundtrack by Shoji Meguro as well as Tokyo exploration, unlocking new Personas, customizing personal Thieves Den and more. Lastly it offers alternate endings plus never before seen story arc cutscenes that challenge even seasoned Phantom thieves among us to defy conventions while discovering power within themselves and fighting for justice.

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows),PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Nintendo Switch,PlayStation 5,Xbox Series X|S

Release date: 2022-10-21

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Persona 5 Royal is an enhanced version of the beloved role-playing game Persona 5, released in 2020. This edition of the game adds new characters and content to the original story, making it an all-new experience for returning players as well as a great starting point for newcomers to jump into this thrilling world.

Set in Tokyo, Japan, you take on the role of a high school student who has recently transferred to Shujin Academy. As part of your everyday life at school, you join forces with other students who have special abilities known as “Personas” that allow them to battle supernatural enemies called Shadows. Together you form the Phantom Thieves; a group whose mission is to steal hearts by infiltrating Palaces filled with distorted desires and corruption. With each Palace cleared, more secrets about yourself and those around you are revealed that ultimately leads up towards a dramatic conclusion set during summer vacation—the third semester added exclusively in Persona 5 Royal!

In addition to continuing your journey through Tokyo’s underworld with its existing cast of characters from Persona 5—such as Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki—you can also meet two new playable characters: Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki. Both bring their own unique stories which add even more depth and variety into what was already one of gaming's most memorable experiences. Other enhancements include additional items available within dungeons such as stealth wheels or grappling hooks used for traversing treacherous environments quicker; expanded confidant interactions for deepening relationships between you and your party members; plus multiple endings based on decisions made throughout your adventure!

If you're looking for an RPG full of twists and turns along with plenty of style then look no further than Persona 5 Royal – now available worldwide!

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