Necrobarista (2020)


Necrobarista is a narrative-focused video game set in Melbourne, Australia. The player follows a diverse cast of characters as they explore the city's hip coffee culture and confront the questionable morality of necromancy. As its main premise, Necrobarista allows the dead to spend one last night with the living in a back-alley cafe before their souls move on. Throughout this journey, players will experience stories of love, loss and friendship while learning how to accept death and ultimately let go.

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows),Mac,iOS,PlayStation 4

Release date: 2020-07-22

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Necrobarista is a unique and captivating 3D visual novel that takes place in a supernatural Melbourne cafe. Through its anime-inspired aesthetic, Necrobarista combines animation and cinematography to create an immersive cinematic experience. Players are taken on an adventure of the underworld of Melbourne’s cafe scene through a series of vignettes told from the perspectives of various characters.

The game follows Maddy, the enigmatic owner of The Terminal, who presides over last nights for recently deceased patrons. Each night brings something new as players explore themes such as identity, mortality and memory as they follow Maddy and her guests in their quest for understanding life after death. Gameplay involves making moral choices which affect how other characters interact with you throughout your journey.

What makes Necrobarista stand out amongst other visual novels are its stunning visuals and animations; each character is brought to life through detailed facial expressions and body language that reflect their emotions at any given moment. Its soundtrack also adds another layer to the atmosphere created by the art style; haunting soundscapes composed by Kevin Penkin accompany each scene expertly adding tension or melancholy depending on what events unfold during gameplay..

Overall, Necrobarista presents an intriguing story combined with beautiful visuals which will leave players wanting more once they reach its conclusion. Whether you’re looking for an interesting narrative or simply want to experience some unique animation styles, this game has something for everyone!

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