Gravity Rush (2012)


Gravity Rush is a video game for the Playstation Vita in which players take on the role of Kat, a head-strong girl determined to save her world from destruction. Players must use their powers of gravity manipulation to fight enemies and uncover secrets about their past. The game features an open-world exploration mode that requires players to tilt and move the Vita in order to deliver devastating attacks and explore a mysterious world. With its unique gravity mechanics, Gravity Rush offers an immersive experience that will challenge even experienced gamers.

Platforms: PlayStation Vita

Release date: 2012-06-12

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Gravity Rush is an action-adventure video game for the PlayStation Vita system. It follows Kat, a strong-willed protagonist who must protect her future in a world that’s crumbling to pieces. Players take on the role of Kat and use the tilt and move capabilities of the PS Vita system to manipulate gravity in order to deliver devastating attacks, uncover secrets from her past, and explore a mysterious world.

The game takes place in Hekseville – a city divided into four distinct districts with unique characteristics ranging from serene countryside villages to treacherous urban landscapes filled with monsters known as Nevi. Through manipulating gravity through her ability ‘Gravity Rush’, players can traverse these areas quickly by shifting into different directions midair or even walk upside down along walls and ceilings! This unique mechanic gives players complete freedom throughout their journey while they progress through this captivating story.

Players will also be able to upgrade Kat’s skillset by collecting crystals scattered around Hekseville which can then be used at “shops” throughout the city for new abilities such as stronger physical attacks or special powers like Levity Burst which creates shockwaves during battle sequences. As you progress further into Gravity Rush you'll meet interesting characters who aid you on your quest and eventually reveal more about Kat's past which adds an extra layer of complexity beyond just combat.

In conclusion, Gravity Rush offers gamers something truly unique - not only does it have exciting gameplay mechanics but its storyline is engaging enough that it feels rewarding when progressing through each mission or sidequest available within this vibrant universe! Fans of action adventure games should definitely give Gravity Rush a try; it provides hours upon hours of entertainment where every second spent playing results in gaining new perspectives both literally (by taking control of gravity) as well as figuratively (through exploring its rich narrative).

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