Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (2006)


Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is a video game based on the popular anime series "Dragon Ball". Players take control of the main protagonist, Goku, as he embarks on his very first epic adventure to defend the Earth from an evil organization known as the Red Ribbon Army. On this journey, players will help turn Goku from an ordinary boy into a powerful champion who can save the world from annihilation. Along with intense battles and side-scrolling action, there are also mini-games to enjoy and collectible items to find. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment for both fans of the series and gamers alike!

Platforms: Game Boy Advance

Release date: 2006-06-06

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Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is an action-adventure video game based on the widely popular anime series Dragon Ball. Developed by Banpresto and Dimps, the game was released for Game Boy Advance in 2004. The plot follows the adventures of Goku as he embarks on his mission to protect earth from the Red Ribbon Army.

In this classic side-scrolling adventure, players join Goku on a thrilling journey as he battles against formidable enemies and powerful bosses. Along his path to power, players will help turn him from a simple ordinary boy into a champion of justice and courage!

Players can explore vast levels filled with hidden secrets while they battle their way through armies of foes using their trusty flying nimbus cloud or various basic attacks such as punches, kicks, and energy blasts that are earned throughout the game. As you progress through each level you'll find yourself facing off against more difficult opponents who require strategic tactics in order to defeat them!

The graphics are colorful and vibrant which makes it perfect for both kids and adults alike! And if you're looking for some extra challenge then there's also an unlockable hard mode where players can test their skills against even tougher enemies than before!

With its charming visuals, exciting gameplay mechanics, interesting story line; Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is sure to provide hours upon hours of fun no matter what your gaming experience may be like. So don't hesitate any longer - join Goku today in his very first epic adventure as he defends earth from the relentless Red Ribbon Army!

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