Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court (2017)


Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court is an expansion for the award-winning gothic RPG by Red Hook Studios. This new content adds a parallel campaign to the main game, providing challenging and varied experiences at every difficulty level. Players will gain insight into the Ancestor’s early days through narrative cut-scenes in typical Darkest Dungeon style.

Platforms: Linux,PC (Microsoft Windows),Mac,iOS,PlayStation Vita,PlayStation 4

Release date: 2017-06-19

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The Crimson Court is a unique and terrifying expansion to the award-winning Darkest Dungeon game. Players will find themselves in a world of horror, where they must explore dungeons filled with eldritch creatures and sinister secrets. The new DLC features an all-new campaign storyline that sheds light on the Ancestor’s early days, as well as brand new challenges and variations at every difficulty level. One of the most exciting additions to The Crimson Court is the “Vampire” class. This intriguing character has one goal: to drink blood from enemies in order to stay alive. To do this, players must use special abilities like Bloodletting and Vampiric Touch—all while avoiding detection by their opponents! In addition, players can also choose from other classes such as Plague Doctor or Flagellant for even more ways to battle their foes.

But it doesn’t end there; those brave enough to venture into the depths of The Crimson Court may come across some horrifying surprises, including deadly diseases that can spread throughout your party if not treated quickly! Furthermore, cursed bosses lurk around every corner ready for combat – so be prepared for anything when you enter these dungeons! Overall, Darkest Dungeon®: The Crimson Court adds an intense dose of horror and mystery to what was already an incredibly dark game experience. With its gothic aesthetic and thrilling gameplay elements, it certainly lives up to its name – making it a must have expansion for fans of this genre! So if you dare take on this daunting challenge…go forth with courage - THE BLOOD...I MUST HAVE THE BLOOD!

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