Children of Morta (2019)


Children of Morta is a narrative-based roguelike hack'n slash game for PC, Mac and Linux. Players will become part of the epic saga of the Bergsons family, who are guardians of Mount Morta tasked with protecting their home from an ancient corruption. The game follows the story of each family member as they explore randomly generated dungeons while facing hordes of enemies and unique bosses in intense combat. As players progress through the game, they will learn more about the Bergson's history and gain access to powerful skills that can be used to help them in battle. With its compelling storyline and engaging gameplay mechanics, Children Of Morta offers an unforgettable adventure that will keep gamers coming back for more.

Platforms: Linux,PC (Microsoft Windows),Mac,PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Nintendo Switch

Release date: 2019-09-03

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The Bergson family has long been the guardians of Mount Morta. But now, a sinister force threatens to overtake the mountain and put an end to their peaceful existence. Enter Children of Morta, a narrative driven hack and slash roguelike video game that puts you in control of one of the members of the Bergson family as they fight desperately against this Corruption.

In Children of Morta, you'll take on wave after wave of monsters while exploring procedurally generated dungeons filled with secrets and loot. As you progress through each area, your skills will be tested by powerful bosses that require unique strategies to overcome. With up to six playable characters available at any given time - ranging from warrior John Bergson to mage Linda Bergson - it's up to you how best to tackle these challenges as part of the larger struggle against evil forces threatening Mount Morta.

Beyond its tactical combat system, what makes Children Of Morta truly stand out is its emphasis on storytelling and character development throughout your journey across Mount Morra . The game takes place over multiple generations , beginning with John and Linda's parents Grandma Margaret & Grandpa Ben before progressing through their children Kevin & Mary, who are both trained in martial arts by their father John . Each generation brings new stories about love , loss , courage , adversity , faith , personal growth all culminating into something greater than just saving Mount Morra from corruption; It’s about being part a family who bears this weight together ultimately achieving redemption for themselves in doing so .

All told, Children Of Morta offers an intense yet emotionally rewarding experience that blends action-packed gameplay with heartfelt story elements – making it well worth playing for anyone looking for more than just another hack-and-slash roguelike adventure!

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