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There are tons of Fps games offering a variety of entertaining yet educational experiences related to Fps. Players can learn about the Fps in an interactive way, as the games are designed to be fun and engaging. The games range from simple arcade-style challenges to more complex strategic puzzles. All these Fps games feature vibrant, colorful graphics and simple, easy-to-understand instructions, so even the youngest players can join in on the fun.

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime (2002)

Metroid Prime is a video game where players take on the role of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter. The player needs to explore Tallon IV and unravel the mystery behind its ruined walls. To do this they are equipped with a Power Beam and Gravity Suit to help them shoot switches, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and find power-ups. As they progress deeper into the world more weapons will be acquired which unlocks new areas for exploration.
Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 (2004)

Half-Life 2 is a first person shooter video game released in 2004 and was named Metacritic's PC Game of the Year. The player takes control of Gordon Freeman, a research scientist who must save Earth from alien forces that were unleashed during an incident at Black Mesa. In this immersive world, the player's presence has an effect on their environment as well as the behavior and emotions of enemies and allies alike. With exciting suspenseful gameplay and stunning realism, Half-Life 2 offers an unforgettable experience to all players as they strive to rescue humanity from its impending doom.
Post Void

Post Void (2020)

Post Void is an intense and fast-paced first-person shooter video game. The goal of the game is to move quickly and keep your head in the game in order to reach the end. Players can kill enemies as they progress, with a higher score rewarded for killing more enemies. If players fail, they can try again to get a better score.
Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age (2001)

Carnivores: Ice Age is a first-person shooter video game developed by WizardWorks. Players will find themselves in an icy and dangerous world, where they must hunt down prehistoric creatures like woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and even the elusive yeti. The game features five immersive 3D maps with massive ice cliffs and snowy expanses for players to explore. They can also choose from a variety of powerful firearms and accessories such as radar, camo, and cover scent to aid them in their hunting expeditions.

Half-Life (1998)

Half-Life is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter video game developed by Sierra and released in 1998. It has won more than 50 Game of the Year awards from publications around the world, and was named 'Best PC Game Ever' in PC Gamer's November 1999 issue. Half-Life combines great storytelling with intense action and advanced technology to create an immersive experience for players. Set in a frighteningly realistic world, Half-Life requires players to think strategically if they want to survive its challenges and ultimately achieve success.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half-Life 2: Episode Two (2007)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is the second installment in Valve's award-winning Half-Life trilogy. Players take on the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman as he travels with Alyx Vance to deliver a crucial information packet stolen from the Citadel to an enclave of resistance scientists. Along the way, they must battle and race against Combine forces while navigating White Forest. The game offers unique weapons, vehicles, and creatures that extend the gameplay found in its predecessor.
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way (2002)

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way is a humorous story-driven first-person shooter video game from Sierra featuring the beautiful but deadly UNITY operative Cate Archer. Players take on the role of Cate as she investigates a super-secret Soviet project that could bring about a third world war if successful. To complete her mission, players will use an assortment of conventional and experimental weaponry and gadgets to navigate exotic locales, circumvent traps, and compete with deadly agents who are determined to take Cate out of the spy trade permanently.
Command & Conquer: The First Decade

Command & Conquer: The First Decade (2006)

Command & Conquer: The First Decade is a compilation of twelve C&C games, released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise. It includes explosive warfare styles ranging from science fiction (Tiberium universe), revisionist history (Red Alert universe) and modern warfare (Generals). As an exclusive bonus, there is a DVD featuring six video features with an interview with Louis Castle, co-founder at Westwood Studios. Additionally, C&C fans are given the opportunity to be featured in this commemorative DVD as well.
Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament (2001)

Unreal Tournament is a fast-paced, competitive first-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games. Players can battle up to 15 friends or customizable bots in over 30 different levels such as pirate ships, waterfronts, speeding trains, and floating castles. Gameplay modes include Capture the Flag, Assault, Domination and Deathmatch variations with an array of enhanced weapons like Impact Hammer that squashes enemies to mush and Redeemer - a rocket powered nuke. With its intense action sequences Unreal Tournament promises an unforgettable gaming experience!
Halo 3

Halo 3 (2007)

Halo 3 is the third game in the Halo trilogy and provides a thrilling conclusion to the events that began in Halo: Combat Evolved. The Master Chief returns to Earth to finish a fight against the Covenant occupation of Earth, which has uncovered an ancient object beneath African sands. Meanwhile, forces on Earth are battered and beaten, Cortana remains trapped in Gravemind's clutches, and a civil war rages within the Covenant. This is how it all ends - with an epic finale from Bungie that will leave players wanting more!
BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite (2013)

BioShock Infinite is an action-adventure video game developed by Irrational Games and released in 2013. The player assumes the role of Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent sent to the floating city of Columbia to rescue a young woman named Elizabeth who has been imprisoned there since childhood. As they try to escape the city which is literally falling from the sky, DeWitt must fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles, engage in combat indoors and amongst the clouds, and use dozens of new weapons and abilities. Initially conceived as a symbol of American ideals at a time when America was emerging as a world power, Columbia's disappearance into the clouds leads to many unexpected twists and turns for our heroes on their journey as they discover that nothing is quite as it seems.


The team behind the critically-acclaimed time-bending shooter game SUPERHOT is proud to present their newest creation, SUPERHOT VR. This title has been completely reimagined and redesigned specifically for virtual reality (VR) and hand tracking controllers. After years of experimentation and improvement, players can now experience a more intense and immersive version of this popular shooter game with its revolutionary VR capabilities.
Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken (2018)

Destiny 2: Forsaken is an action-packed video game that takes players on a journey into the wild frontiers of our solar system. Players will explore two brand new destinations, acquire powerful weapons, armor and Supers, and experience an all-new endgame activity called Gambit. This hybrid 4v4 mode merges both PvP and PvE elements together in an epic battle. With something for everyone to enjoy, Destiny 2: Forsaken offers a unique challenge to those who thrive on competitive gameplay while blending the unpredictable elements of PvE.
DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal (2020)

DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to 2016's DOOM, developed by id Software. Players take on the role of the DOOM Slayer and must battle against hordes of demons from Hell using a range of powerful weapons and abilities. The game features an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon that creates an intense atmosphere as you fight across dimensions. This fast-paced shooter promises to deliver the ultimate combination of speed and power for an action packed experience.
Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 (2016)

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure video game that takes the player on a journey to the coastal city of Karnaca. Players will take control of either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin, two protagonists with unique abilities and skills. As they progress through the game, players will be presented with difficult choices that can have long lasting consequences for the world around them. With its combination of stealth and combat gameplay mechanics, Dishonored 2 offers players a unique experience filled with exciting challenges and meaningful decision-making.
Halo 2

Halo 2 (2004)

Halo 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game follows the story of Master Chief, a genetically enhanced supersoldier tasked with defending humanity against the Covenant alien race. Players can interact with their environment, wield two weapons at once, board enemies' vehicles, and switch sides to play as a Covenant Elite. Halo 2 also features new vehicles, weapons, environments and supports Xbox Live for broadband multiplayer action.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link (2011)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link is an expansion to the original Deus Ex game, which follows protagonist Adam Jensen in his search for truth. During this quest, he mysteriously vanishes for three days and what happened during those three days is revealed in The Missing Link. Players will explore new locations, uncover secrets and meet new characters as they unravel the conspiracy surrounding Adam's disappearance and get closer to finding out the truth.
Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006)

Half-Life 2: Episode One is an all-new episode created by Valve that continues the Half-Life 2 single player adventure. Players take on the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who must face the consequences of his actions in City 17 and the Citadel. Along with Alyx Vance and her robot Dog, players join forces with the resistance to battle against Combine forces. Through this thrilling adventure, players will experience a gripping story line filled with intense action and immersive environments.
The Operative: No One Lives Forever

The Operative: No One Lives Forever (2000)

The Operative: No One Lives Forever is a story-driven, first-person adventure game set in the 1960s spy era. Players take on the role of Cate Archer, an international secret agent with a mission to stop HARM, a criminal organization bent on world domination. The game offers over-the-top action sequences, tense subterfuge missions and battles against outrageous villains as well as wry humor inspired by classic 60's spy films and television shows. Players will be challenged to complete dangerous assignments using an arsenal of weapons and gadgets unique for that time period.
Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)

Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi first person shooter game set in an alien world shaped like a ring. Players take on the role of Master Chief, mankind's super soldier, and must combat the attacking Covenant forces. Missions involve battling enemies on foot and in vehicles with human and alien weapons, raiding underground labs for advanced technology, rescuing comrades, and sniping enemy forces. The game also allows up to four players to battle each other via split screen or team up cooperatively through single-player missions.
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (2016)

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour is a classic first-person shooter game that brings back the beloved hero from 1996. The game follows Duke as he embarks on an action-packed mission to save Earth once again by kicking alien butt and rescuing damsels in distress around the world. Players can enjoy all of the original levels plus 8 new ones, with up to 4 players participating in multiplayer mode. With modern graphics and updated sound effects, this version of Duke Nukem 3D will provide hours of entertainment for fans old and new alike!
Clive Barker's Undying

Clive Barker's Undying (2001)

Clive Barker's Undying is a first-person shooter horror game developed by Electronic Arts. Set in 1920s Ireland, players assume the role of Patrick Galloway, master of the occult and armed with arcane magic and weapons. The goal is to unravel the mysterious curse that has befallen an old friend's family known as the Covenant; failure to do so will result in death. With its intense story and unique gameplay elements, Clive Barker's Undying provides an unforgettable experience for fans of horror games alike.
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2017)

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the highly anticipated sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. Developed by MachineGames, this first-person shooter immerses players in an alternate timeline of 1961 where the Nazis have taken over America and it's up to BJ Blazkowicz, aka Terror-Billy, to fight back with a powerful arsenal of guns and abilities. Players will battle through iconic American locations as they attempt to recruit resistance leaders and spark a second American Revolution. With its captivating storyline and intense action sequences, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus promises hours of gripping entertainment that won't be soon forgotten.
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (2002)

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is an action-packed first-person shooter video game developed by Electronic Arts. Players take on the role of Lt. Mike Powell, a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion during World War II, and battle through over 20 levels based on historical military campaigns from that era. As they progress, players will be able to use period weapons and command war vehicles such as tanks in order to complete objectives like silencing gun batteries at Port Arzew or surviving landings at Omaha Beach.
Quake III Arena

Quake III Arena (2000)

Quake III Arena is a fast-paced and intense online multiplayer game that will take players on an exciting journey through cyberspace. Players must be prepared to leave behind their common sense and doubts as they battle against legions of enemies in eerie, dangerous lands. The game tests players' reflexes and gut reactions as they face unpredictable hazards throughout the game. Players must immerse themselves in this thrilling experience if they want to survive.
Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a video game set in an alternate 1960 where the Nazis have won World War II and rule the world with an iron fist. Players take on the role of Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, an American war hero who launches a one-man counter-offensive against their advanced war machine led by General Wilhelm Strasse, aka Deathshead. To succeed, players must battle Nazi robots and hulking Super Soldiers while navigating a world of darkness as they attempt to rewrite history and save humanity from destruction.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (2011)

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a remastered version of the classic Halo game released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of gaming's most beloved franchises. The new version includes cooperative play over Xbox LIVE, reimagined versions of some of Halo’s best multiplayer maps, and new challenges and story elements for players to uncover.
Dying Light

Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light is an open world survival horror video game in which players traverse a chaotic and destroyed environment. Players have to fight for their own survival against various enemies, including the infected, as well as other desperate humans who will attempt to take whatever supplies they can get their hands on.
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (2009)

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is a video game package that combines 2004's award-winning Escape from Butcher Bay experience with new high definition enhancements. Additionally, this package includes the Dark Athena chapter, an expansion that introduces players to a new story and gameplay features. Players will not only be challenged to survive in Butcher Bay but also engage in intense multi-player combat for the first time in the Riddick universe. The menacing Merc-ship Dark Athena awaits helpless prey as players take action against Captain Revas and her army of slaves turned controllable combat drones throughout death-defying events and battles of malice and gore.

Prey (2017)

In Prey, the player wakes up aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in 2032. The player is the key subject of an experiment which was meant to change humanity forever - but something has gone wrong. Aliens have overrun the station and are hunting down the player. To survive, they must use their wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities to uncover dark secrets about Talos I and their past while trying to stay alive on board.
Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 (2021)

Chivalry 2 is an intense and immersive multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of iconic moments from the era, such as cavalry charges, storms of flaming arrows, castle sieges and more. Maps allow for players to lay siege to castles, set fire to villages and slaughter peasants in team objectives. There is enhanced player expression with thousands of voice lines and deep character customization. Combat systems have been revamped for faster speed with expanded range of creative choices enabling players to perfect their playstyle. Immersive sound effects ensure every blow lands realistically while wounded characters still fight on despite bleeding out or missing limbs!

F.E.A.R. (2005)

F.E.A.R., or First Encounter Assault and Recon, is an intense first person close-quarters combat experience with a rich atmosphere and engaging storyline. The game begins when an unidentified paramilitary force infiltrates a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound, prompting the government to send in Special Forces, who quickly lose contact due to interference from an eerie signal. You are part of a classified strike team created to deal with threats no one else can handle; your mission is simple: eliminate the intruders at any cost, determine the origin of the signal and contain this crisis before it spirals out of control.

DUSK (2018)

DUSK is a retro first-person shooter video game inspired by '90s classics. The game follows the player as they journey through an onslaught of cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces attempting to uncover what lies beneath the surface of the Earth. Players will have to master various weapons and combat techniques in order to survive this thrilling adventure. DUSK offers an intense challenge with its fast-paced action, dynamic environments and unique enemies that players must battle their way through in order to complete their mission.

Crysis (2007)

Crysis is a next-generation PC first-person shooter developed by Crytek, the award-winning developers of Far Cry. In 2020, global tensions have reached their peak when North Korea seizes an area in the South China Sea where U.S archeologists uncovered a mysterious artifact. The U.S dispatches Delta Force operatives to rescue the team and uncover the true nature of this artifact which reveals an alien presence on Earth - triggering a massive invasion! Gamers will now take up arms against aliens with customizable weapons and a Nanosuit that allows them to adapt quickly to hostile environments and enemy tactics. It's time for gamers to join forces to save Earth from this alien threat!
Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London (2007)

Hellgate: London is a video game set in a post-apocalyptic world twenty-five years from now, where mankind has gone underground to survive the devastation caused by a demonic invasion. The player takes on the role of a member of an ancient and secret society called the Templar, who combine futuristic technology with ancient artifacts to fight against the minions of darkness. In their quest to preserve humanity, players explore randomly generated levels, complete quests and battle hordes of demons while customizing their character's skills and spells as they gain experience levels and branch out into new skill paths. Hellgate: London offers infinite playability with customizable looks and massive amounts of randomly generated equipment for players to create their own unique hero.

Xotic (2011)

Xotic is an arcade-style first person shooter game where the player rakes up huge scores by shooting enemies, triggering chain reactions and discovering secret power ups and multipliers. The main character has a weaponized symbiotic creature called Macroterra to cleanse the evil presence on the planet which has been ravaged by minions of Orb. Players must destroy scab plants to restore life on the planet and trigger chain reactions for score multipliers. Collecting Orb essence boosts score while collecting mid-air gives aerial combo bonus. Unlock secrets of Hard Hologram technology to deploy mobile shields or landing platforms. Xotic offers unique experience with its colorful effects, leaderboards & achievements and upgradeable skills & weapons.

DOOM VFR (2017)

DOOM VFR is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software for PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms. Players take on the role of a cybernetic survivor, activated by the UAC to fight against an invasion of demons at their Mars facility. They must battle through intense combat and challenging puzzles in order to maintain order and prevent catastrophic failure. The fast-paced, brutal gameplay that fans of the DOOM series know and love is brought to life in virtual reality with this immersive adventure.
Blasters of the Universe

Blasters of the Universe (2018)

Blasters of the Universe is an action-packed virtual reality video game that brings a unique twist to classic first-person shooter gameplay. Players take on the role of Blaster, an interdimensional warrior tasked with saving his home world from destruction. The game features intense bullet-hell combat where players must duck, dodge and maneuver through hordes of enemies and hundreds of bullets in order to survive. With its extensive arsenal of weapons ranging from shotguns to lasers, Blasters of the Universe offers gamers hours upon hours of thrilling arcade-style action.
Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Gemini: Heroes Reborn (2016)

Gemini: Heroes Reborn is a first person action-adventure video game that puts players in the role of Cassandra, a 20 year old woman. As she embarks on her journey to unlock incredible powers and solve the mystery surrounding her past, Cassandra will ultimately be reunited with her long lost family but not in the way she anticipated. With unique powers within the Heroes universe at players' disposal, Gemini: Heroes Reborn presents an exciting action-packed challenge for gamers to tackle.
Catlateral Damage

Catlateral Damage (2016)

Catlateral Damage is a first-person simulator game where you play as an destructive cat. The goal of the game is to knock as much stuff onto the ground as possible. You use your paws to swat and push items off shelves, counters, tables, and other surfaces in order to cause chaos and destruction. There are various levels with different objectives that must be completed before progressing through the game. Catlateral Damage offers a unique experience for gamers who want to unleash their inner feline!
Codename: Outbreak

Codename: Outbreak (2001)

Codename: Outbreak is a video game set in the year 2034, where Earth has barely escaped a collision with a comet. This comet scorched the atmosphere and brought alien life spores that began to rapidly develop on the planet. The game follows a military campaign to resist this invasion, as seen through the eyes of one main character. Players must fight against aliens as they attempt to capture various objectives and save an otherwise doomed world from total destruction.
Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo (2018)

Out of Ammo is a virtual reality strategy game for PlayStation VR that places players in the commander's seat, tasked with defending against waves of enemy soldiers. Players must construct defenses, call in artillery strikes, and issue orders to their troops while trying to stay alive as long as possible. Additionally, they are able to take direct control of their units on the battlefield for more precise tactics. Out of Ammo promises intense action and challenging strategic gameplay for fans of military-focused gaming.
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (2016)

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is a PlayStation VR exclusive video game that combines mechanised combat and futuristic sports. Players will be able to experience a single player campaign, unlocking more powerful RIGS as they progress, before taking their skills online against other players from around the world in the Mechanized Combat League. The game offers multiple game modes with hero RIGS at your disposal for an unprecedented sense of spatial awareness.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (2015)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an intense, tactical shooter video game based on real world counter-terrorist organizations. Players can choose from a variety of unique Counter Terrorist Operators and engage in sieges, where enemies have the means to transform their environments into modern strongholds while Rainbow Six teams lead the assault to breach the enemy’s position. This game introduces a new style of close-quarters engagement that requires players to think strategically and act quickly in order to succeed.

Borderlands (2009)

Borderlands is an all-new sci-fi action franchise from Gearbox Software, combining the best elements of their first-person action titles with player customization and vehicular combat. The game features a unique content generation system that allows for near-endless variety in missions, environments, enemies, weapons, item drops and character customization. Borderlands is a cooperative experience which can be played with multiple players sharing the same game simultaneously online or completely solo in single player mode. Players have access to life-like character animations as well as impressive real-time physics and customizable vehicles. 2K Games/Gearbox Software promises more details soon.

Bulletstorm (2011)

Bulletstorm is an action-packed video game that offers players unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay. Through its unique skillshot system, players are rewarded for being creative in the way they take out enemies. The more outrageous and imaginative the skillshot, the more points they receive to upgrade weapons and unlock new ones, enabling them to perform even crazier moves and exaggerated skillshots.
Raw Data

Raw Data (2017)

Raw Data is a virtual reality (VR) video game that immerses players in a futuristic technothriller. Players can choose to go solo or team up with a friend and battle enemies through action-packed combat featuring intuitive controls. The sci-fi atmosphere will draw players into the game world, making them feel like the adrenaline-charged heroes of their own thrilling story.
Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King (2015)

Destiny: The Taken King is a popular video game in which players fight against the forces of Darkness and the Taken army. In this game, players are given brand new subclasses with powerful supers that can be used to battle their enemies. Warlocks have access to an electric storm, Hunters wield a bow formed from void energy and Titans summon a flaming hammer capable of ranged or melee damage. With these powerful tools at their disposal, players are sure to take on any challenge presented by Destiny: The Taken King.
Killzone: Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary (2013)

Killzone: Mercenary is a video game that provides a new perspective on the Killzone Universe. Players take on the role of a mercenary, or soldier of fortune, working freelance and not bound by any particular army's rules or flag. The game has both single player Campaign mode with 9 missions and Contracts mode with 27 sets of objectives which offer rewards depending on difficulty levels selected (Recruit, Trooper, Veteran). Players are free to formulate their own tactics and choose their own weapons as long as they get the job done.

Mothergunship (2018)

Mothergunship is a first-person shooter video game that combines intense bullet hell action with shooting, customization, and traversal mechanics. Players will battle their way through alien fleets while facing randomly generated enemies and levels as they progress through the game. Along the way, they'll face some of the biggest bosses in the FPS genre. With its unique blend of genres and intense combat system, Mothergunship promises an exciting challenge for players looking for a new twist on classic gaming experiences.

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